Hiphop php on CentOs

SOmething I found something interesting on web servers especially on the opensource web server hiphop php (hphp). Its cool what they have done compiling the php codes to binaries. I won't talk about hphp more that you can google it up. Here I am spitting out the problems that I faced and how I solved it.

If you follow the guides on installation posted at github, there is an issue regarding some packages that has dependencies problem. Here is what I came up with.

So to eliminate these dependencies I download these 3 packages and then manually install them.
Download like below
For the installation like below

yum localinstall *.rpm
Then you can install hphp with yum without dependency problem.. Oh yeah..the github is can be found at Installing-or-Building-HipHop-PHP-via-RPM-on-CentOS-5

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