Iptables SSH Bruteforce

There are many ways to secure your connections via ssh but here is something applied on top of ssh protocol. A firewall using iptables. This came up recently due to a brute force attacked on one off my servers ongoing consecutively for more than a month.

XMLWriter - From NSDictionary to XML String

The title says it all. Problem statement I faced was I was too lazy to write a long code for my XML with child parent. So I figured if I can just convert my Dictionary content to XML would be nice.

VMWare Fusion NAT Port Foward

Using VMWare workstation u can enable the port foward and modify the incoming and outgoing route. There's a problem with Mac Osx users, who generally use VMWare Fusion as an alternative. Why this is a major concern, because I don't like to use bridge thats why. Huhu.

Hiphop php on CentOs

SOmething I found something interesting on web servers especially on the opensource web server hiphop php (hphp). Its cool what they have done compiling the php codes to binaries. I won't talk about hphp more that you can google it up. Here I am spitting out the problems that I faced and how I solved it.

Shadow like SQL

Shadow fatality by Sub Zero in Mortal Kombat.
Doesn't relate to post just for viewing only.
If you are using unix-like filesystems the most important thing for each user is shadow, "shadow is a file which contains the password information for the system´s accounts and optional ageing information" as described in man shadow. It stores actual password in encrypted format for user's account with additional properties related to user password.

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